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Lime repointing
Services& lime plastering
 Lime repointing and Lime Rendering
Using the UNILIT range of Natural Hydraulic Lime

Victorian garden wall approximately 160 years old

in need of full restoration

replacing bad bricks, and raking out



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                the wall needed a lot of rebuilding in parts , but now restored to its original state


                                           lime mortar will help keep the brickwork dry

                      by letting it breath and dry out , before repointing the wall was constantly wet



                      Rebuilding and repointing a 150 year old wall at  Tarvin  near  Chester     

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Many older properties were built without a damp proof course. They were

constructed in such a way that allows moisture to both enter and leave the materials

the opposite of modern construction techniques and materials that are sealed against

moisture , if older properties are unable to breathe they can suffer from  damp problems 

causing mould, fungi , dry and wet rot


Most pre- 1930 buildings were built with lime and should therefore ideally be pointed

with lime , cement pointing is very hard and because of its lack of flexibility it will crack

over time when used in old properties , as the walls move and try to breathe

Once cement pointing cracks it allows water to get into the structure of the building 

without letting it escape again or evaporate this leads to damp problems

We have plenty of experience in removing cement pointing and replacing with lime

It is a job that must be done with great care ,so the other building materials such as

brick or stone are not damaged 

Work carried out on a cottage at Tilstock Cheshire

the building  was restricted in its breathability due to the paint which was a modern 

acrylic based , and not a lime paint, this  combined with the problem of the cement

re- pointing done on the property ,

we needed to get the existing paint off and then remove the cement pointing

after replacing numerous damaged bricks we then repointed in NHL lime 

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Barn Conversations at Market Drayton (Shropshire)  

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In total we did over 400  m2  of lime repointing to 3 large

Converted Barns at Tern Hill

work included repair work to Sandstone door plinths  

repointing and rendering work carried out in

North Wales on a large estate house

before repointing in unilite 35 NHL lime




cement mortar taken out awaiting pointing useing lime mortar




front elevation pointed in a cement mortar which is not suitable for the stonework

all the cement mortar will be taken out before lime mortar pointing will be done



repointing work in lime mortar 



rendering work in progress at the rear of the house

all work is done with the UNILIT NHL Lime 3 coat system






before all the repairs and renovations the property had very bad

damp problems caused by the wrong materials being used in prior repair work
















the finished lime render will now be painted in a lime paint from the

unilte corical range of lime paints, allowing the structure to breath 

all profiles and straight angles , done in a free hand method useing wood profiles

which are then removed, if angle beads are to be used with lime render they

must be good quality stainless steel and not the normal galvanised type

which would have a reaction with the lime render



unilte 10 bonding layer applied with tyrolene gun , giving a good base for the top coats

unilte 30 used around damp course level





barn conversion near Nantwich in need of lime repointing

and many bad bricks in need of replacing


existing bricks are carefuly removed and reused


hard dense cement mortars should never be used on structures with soft pourus bricks

lime mortar allows the structure to breath and lets the moisture migrate from the walls

through the lime mortar joints, keeping the walls dry and free from damp





cottage renovations near Chester











joints raked out to half the depth of the brick and cleaned

above the windows and door and left hand corner,ready to

insert the grout and steel helical bars, repointing can then be done





crack stitching the permanant method for cracks in brickwork

lime repointing, lime rendering, internal replastering with lime mortar using NHL lime supplied by

chimney pointing, chimney repairs

repointing in lime mortar, allowing the structure

to breath, lime mortar the traditional methods for the earlier built structures ,
if you have signs of damp in your older built period property please call for some free advice and information, on the benifiets of using traditional lime mortar , for repointing , lime render and internal lime plastering
Shropshire, Cheshire, Staffordshire
and other locations covered including Alderly Edge, Wilmslow